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Take a trip through history

1812 Walking Tour
Explore the distant world of early 19-century Kingston with this self-guided walking tour. Most of the original buildings still appear almost exactly as they did 200 years ago and you can visit them all within an hour. Relive the battles, political debates, and all of the excitement of what it was like to live in such a tumultuous period of history with all of the comfort and amenities of modern society.


Kingston Trolley Tours
For those who prefer not to bake in the sun but still wish to take in all of the sites and sounds of the city, the Kingston Trolley Tour is the ideal sight-seeing option for French and English speakers alike. The fleet of trollies offers step-on, step-off service so you can choose to explore destinations in exactly the amount of detail you want. Hop on and discover the city in a cool, comfortable environment.

HillIslandBridgeHaunted Walk of Kingston
Beneath all of the beautiful facades and exciting destinations Kingston has to offer there lies a spooky, sinister underbelly which few people know and those who do wish they could forget. Be warned, these internationally-renowned tours are not for the faint of heart. Choose from one of three tours offered year-round and visit some of the most haunted places in the country.

In Sir John A.’s Footsteps
Kingston is home to some extraordinary heritage sites and stories, but none as significant or thought-provoking as those which Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister, left behind. Join a group of professional actors on a musical comedy theatrical tour as they lead you along the limestone streets with captivating tales of Canadian history and the great statesman’s life.

Singer_CastleHistoric City Hall Tour
Take a free guided walk through the site designated as the nation’s first capitol and intended location of the first parliament. Astounding neoclassical architecture aside, this building is host to many stories of intrigue, high-profile politics, personal struggle, and even Sir John A. Macdonald’s old writing desk. See where this great nation was built with your own eyes at Kingston City Hall.

Historic Walking Tours

Take a tour designed just for you, by you, with one of the many free self-guided tour routes offered by the City of Kingston. These tours are offered as audiobooks and podcasts in both French and English and cover topics ranging from military history to architecture and local culture. Find out just what you want to know, all in under an hour.

1000islandssunsetKingston 1,000 Islands Cruises
Did you know that the famous Thousand Island Dressing was named for this well-known chain of islands located in the Saint Lawrence River? Whether you are visiting for the history, sights, or stories, you need look no further than the 1,000 Islands Cruises in Kingston & Rockport. With daily trips offering sight-seeing or dinner cruises, there is something for everyone. Find out what makes the Saint Lawrence River one of the most spectacular sights on earth by taking one of these world-famous voyages.


Boldt Castle
Among the 1,000 Islands, Heart Island stands out as host to one of the largest private residences in North America.  Boldt Castle features exquisite architecture, beautiful grounds, and lavish interior decoration.  Accompanying the castle are a power house – now serving as a museum showing how electricity was obtained in the 1900’s – and Alster Tower, an observation point for looking out over the majestic panoramas of the Saint Lawrence.  Take a cruise to the island and see how the rich and famous spent their summers in the early 20th century.