Kingston is the Museum Capital of Canada

Peruse some of the greatest collections in the country

pen_museumCanada’s Penitentiary Museum
This award-winning museum is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the history of Canada’s federal penitentiary system.  Located in the old warden’s residence at Kingston Penitentiary, this museum is about more than just crime and punishment, but focuses on the surprisingly decadent limestone architecture, progressive arts programs, and living history of the prison system.  Tour the grounds and exhibits to see where the Canadian penitentiary system began.

Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston
Forming the largest interconnected group of freshwater lakes in the world and containing nearly a quarter of the world’s fresh water reserve, the Great Lakes are a truly world-famous attraction.  There’s no better place to learn about the heritage of this natural wonder and discovering Kingston’s maritime heritage than the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes.  Visit the museum for a full tour of marine technology, history, and what life was like on what are sometimes called Canada’s inland seas.

johnAGlobeMilitary Communication and Electronics Museum
While many military museums concentrate on topics which some visitors may find morbid or unpleasant, the Military Communications and Electronics Museum reveals a side of military history which emphasizes practical and non-violent applications of military technology.  Understand the basis of modern communications infrastructure by learning about topics such as satellite relays and secret code cyphers in one of the museums self-led or audio tours.

Miller Museum of Geology
Visitors to Queen’s University campus often stand agape at the elegance of the limestone buildings and stone architecture, but few have experienced the equally alluring geology exhibit in Miller Hall.  Engaging and educational, the museum offers a hands-on exhibit of the world of natural science and geology.  Browse the display at your own pace to marvel at fragments of our earth’s to elevate your understanding of our fascinating planet.Museum_0

Bellevue House 
Canada’s first prime minister certainly left his mark on this great nation, but nowhere is his impression more apparent than at his former residence in downtown Kingston.  Bellevue house offers an authentic vision of what life would have been like for the nation’s founder living in mid 19th century.  Explore the elegant rooms and lush gardens which Sir John A. called home as costumed interpreters provide biographical facts and details about his life and legacy.


Murney Tower Museum
Kingston began as a French fort established to control trade with the local native population, and although the settlement has grown in to a flourishing residential and commercial setting, relics of Kingston’s military history still line the waterfront in the form of the imposing Martello tower defense system.  Browse artifacts and military hardware from Kingston’s early days at one of the largest collection of authentic period pieces in the area.